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Distorted relationship between nature and humans after the nuclear accident

Due to the worst nuclear accident in Japan in March 2011, high concentrations of radioactive materials were released into the atmosphere and fell out. As a result, it had a great impact on a wide range of environments centered on the eastern part of Fukushima Prefecture. Based on the dose distribution of radioactive materials that have fallen on the ground, the national government has decided to divide it into evacuation areas and non-evacuation areas, and set boundaries for convenience to manage human activities. As a result, people living in areas designated as evacuation areas were forced to leave.

And only nature was left in the evacuation area.

Nature in areas where human life has been cut off has been released from the pressure of human society. Japan's highly resilient nature has prospered at a rate that surpasses the ecological effects of radiation.

The paddy fields that were no longer drained rapidly dried and transformed into Solidago altissima and Miscanthus sinensis. And the willow that sprouted before I knew it has now grown to a tree height of over 5 m and forms a large community.

Abandoned root vegetables and fruit trees became good food for wild birds and beasts, and devastated houses and fields became roosts and breeding grounds, causing wildlife to grow.

Excessive wildlife domineering not only threatens the lives of people farming next to evacuation areas, but also lifts evacuation orders in many areas this spring and finally allows them to return home. It is also a heavy stumbling block to the eager hope of the residents who have been looking forward to it.

In other words, human social activities could be controlled by delineation, but nature's activities could not be controlled, and nature easily broke through without paying attention to the boundaries set by humans.

As a result, the nature of this land has come to have a powerful power that is beyond the control of humans' small hands. Nature, which once existed with human activities, has emerged as a distorted figure due to the collapse of its relationship with humans in the wake of the nuclear accident.

Immediately after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident, he entered a land contaminated with radioactive materials and recorded the appearance of animals and plants living there. While recording, I met people who once lived in this area, and learned that they were suffering from the memory of the place where they were born and raised.

There were people who run in nature. At that time, there was certainly a life here where nature and the community of people were in perfect balance.

The impact of radiation on the ecosystem is a problem that will lead to the generations of our offspring. In addition to that record, it is also our duty as a person who has photographed and recorded the appearance of nature to record the fate of the relationship between nature and human beings after the collapse of the relationship between nature and human beings. right.

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